MathPapa Online Math Calculator Review

Via instruction and lectures, MathPapa offers step-by-step assistance in algebra, where you can display each step in resolving the equation.

Pros and Cons of service for solving mathematical problems

The Obvious Benefits of MathPapa Math Solver

  • App
  • Free lessons
  • Offline mode

Disadvantages of MathPapa Math Solver

  • The layout of the interface is the way to simple 
  • Prices change depending on the country 
  • No language choice

Our review about MathPapa online Math Solver

MathPapa has an app that is supported on IOS and Android. MathPapa is considered to be a new company, so it is still gaining trust.

Who should use MathPapa?

The MathPapa solver copes with mathematical problems of any complexity and level. Therefore, it could be stated that it is suitable for students of most of the grades. The application allows students to learn algebra from the ground.

How to start using MathPapa?

To choose from several different practice events, pick the practice page; to build your account and log in, use your email or Facebook; to learn algebra with five lessons starting with the basics, click on the Lessons page to download. 

How does MathPapa work, which problems does it solve? 

The software specializes in Algebra, so it copes with:

  • linear equations and quadratic equations.
  • linear and quadratic inequalities.
  • graphics
  • factors quadratic expressions
  • order of operations with step-by-step explanations
  • evaluates expressions
  • systems of two equations 

There are available such calculators: quadratic formula calculator, algebra calculator, inequality calculator, simplify calculator, derivative calculator.


The arrangements, yet MathPapa likewise gives you the logarithmic arrangement chart with the goal that the client can without much of a stretch see how those essential conditions have been tackled. The mathematical portrayal, crossing focuses, the X and Y tomahawks, and so on, can be handily seen.

Practice problems

In addition to the fact that MathPapa helps you take care of numerical questions, however it likewise furnishes you with genuine issues to upgrade and extend your insight into variable based math. Instances of central number-crunching issues, straightforward conditions, multi-digit math, an amount of numbers, parts, negative numbers, decimals, the request for tasks, principal variable based math, and issues of rate experience are introduced.


The Algebra exercises given by MathPapa will help you a ton in the event that you need to gain proficiency with your variable based math. From the authority MathPapa site. To improve your variable based math abilities, there are a few exercises accessible that you can take. This gives a step-by-step way to deal with tackle arithmetical issues. 

Which extra services does MathPapa have?

There are not many extra services provided, but the ones that can be considered extra are provided math video-lessons with some explanations.

Prices & trials

The premium access costs $9.99 a month ($59.88 a year); however, depending on the country’s currency, the price number stays 9.99 but in any other currency, which is quite weird. It is stated that the upgraded account will have such features: algebra calculator, practice problems, lessons, no-ads. The premium account allows you to nail your knowledge and understanding of math. 

Is MathPapa safe?

MathPapa – The Algebra solver is safe to use but should be used carefully. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 14,221 App Store and app store total ratings of 4.5/5 customer ratings.

Are the solutions correct?

The software generates the right answers; this was double-checked. 


There are no outstanding advantages of MathPapa that were found while reviewing the platform.


MathPapa has a way too simple interface, as it is too basic without any additional features, which might make the studying process easier. If a student does not have a premium account, the platform seems to perform only the shortcut functions. There is only one way to put in equations – by typing it in. The desktop version is not really convenient to use as to input the problem, you have to find the button for the keypad. The layout seems to be a bit out of date.

Is MathPapa correct?

Yes. MathPapa – Algebra Calculator is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 11,341 MathPapa – Algebra Calculator User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not.

Is MathPapa cheating?

This helpful tool goes from free homework helper to full-featured paid algebra tutor in a handy app, but parents will need to make sure it’s being used for learning and not cheating. It’s impressive how simply, effectively, and quickly the app can solve algebraic equations entered by users — for free.

Who made MathPapa?

Robert Ikeda holds a Stanford University PhD in Computer Science, University of California, San Diego Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering; Minor in Mathematics, and competed in the United States Math Olympiad (USAMO).

How do I cancel my subscription to Mathpapa?

For the Web subscription, log in to your account and visit: Subscription Management Page. Click the ‘Cancel‘ button and detailed instructions will follow.

What is a function in math?
Function, in mathematics, an expression, rule, or law that defines a relationship between one variable (the independent variable) and another variable (the dependent variable). Functions are ubiquitous in mathematics and are essential for formulating physical relationships in the sciences.
How do you solve math word problems?
A proven step-by-step method for solving word problems is actually quite simple.
  1. Read the problem out loud to yourself.
  2. Draw a Picture.
  3. Think “What do I need to find?”
  4. List what is given.
  5. Find the key words.
  6. Solve.
  7. Check your work.

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Feedback from users of the service

This app is such an advanced algebra calculator. It saved me when I had a math test the following day, and I had much trouble trying to understand material. I tried looking in my textbook for an answer and solution to a problem, but it provided little to no help at all. But, I found this amazing app. I entered the two system of equation equations into it, and PRESTO!! this app solved my question in less than a second. Anyone from college level to elementary level could use this. It’s so simple! Thank you for making this glorious app!

I discovered this app while searching frantically online for a refresher on order of operations to help my daughter in Pre-algebra. I am blown away by how helpful this is. Showing the work allows parents and kids to truly teach themselves how to solve the equation. It makes checking homework take about 1/10th of the time it used to. Now I can check the answers quickly and the ones that are wrong, we will go through the app and see where the mistake is. Thank you for simplifying this momma’s life!

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