ChiliMath Solver Review

Chilly Math was designed by a teacher. A founder’s identity can be found easily, and the platform is created like a teacher’s personal site, where he encourages to contact him if there are any bugs in the solutions.

Pros and Cons of service for solving mathematical problems

The Obvious Benefits of ChiliMath online Solver

  • Free
  • Provides video-lessons 
  • Possible tutoring
  • Focused on giving knowledge 
  • Problems can be sent by email

Disadvantages of ChiliMath online Solver

  • No app
  • Too basic
  • Covers mostly algebra topics
  • Works only online 
  • Site needs renovation

Our review about ChiliMath Solver

The teacher’s pedagogical goal is to face students with various levels of difficulty while studying the same topic. One more site is developed by the founder, which is going to give definitions on math terms, but it’s not available for use yet.

Who should use Chilly Math?

The platform is suitable for students who want to learn algebra, teachers who search for more resources and parents who want to support their kids in studying algebra. The site has a solver from Mathway; if the student needs the step-by-step explanation, it will redirect to the Mathways’ website where the appropriate subscription can be made, so the developer of Chilly Math will get some fee from your subscription. Looking at the covered topics could be stated that the emphasis is on students from 10-14 years old.

How to start using Chilly Math?

Go to the main page and click math solver; you do not need registration as you can not have an account there. If you would like to get private lessons, you can contact the founder. You can also choose any math lesson you want and see if there are new lessons that have been released on this topic.

How does Chilly Math work and which problems does it solve?

The platform provides a list of math lessons, introductory algebra, intermediate algebra, advanced algebra, algebra word problems, geometry, intro to number theory, basic math proofs. The platform is a partner with Mathway, which is a quite popular math calculator. If students did not find the answers to the problem, they could send an email to the creator, and the response will follow within three days. Clicking on relevant subjects will bring students to the various step-by-step solutions with various examples on how to apply the learning.

Which extra services does Chilly Math have?

There is also an online store for elementary and secondary math, created by the founder. There are lessons of different levels that actually require reading and following all the step-by-step instructions.

Is it safe to use Chilly Math?

Based on the NLP analysis, Chilly Math is safe to use; no personal data is collected.

Are the solutions correct?

The solutions are not 100% correct, but the platform’s founder is always ready to fix the bug in case it was revealed. 


The site is really helpful for someone whose intentions to get a better understanding of algebra. There are provided worksheets with various book-like, deeply explained examples, and you can open the answer after you tried to get to the solution by yourself. The app’s founder also develops math lessons, and new lessons are published on a regular basis. Looks like the owner of the site is genuinely passionate about math and happily meets all the feedback and suggestions from students. The good thing is that math lessons include text with examples and quite informative videos where the main key points have been explained. This site is specifically good for the ones who memorize mostly by visual sensors. 


The most inconvenient thing about Chilly Math is that it does not have an application even though the mobile version is fine regarding usability and convenience. It is clear to see that the platform puts the main emphasis on algebra, so you can not fully satisfy your math needs there as you will have to swap to the other sites to study in-depth geometry or calculus and so on… There is not much interaction on the site, so it does not make the studying process exciting; the information is given in a straight-forward manner. The site has quite a narrow range of services and looks way too simple, as it does not provide many useful tools it can not cover student’s needs fully.

What is the best math problem solver?
  • Photomath.
  • iMathematics.
  • MyScript Calculator.
  • PCalc.
  • Graphing Calculator.
  • Khan Academy.
  • Meritnation.
  • Mathematicus.
Is ChiliMath Solver free?

The ChiliMath Solver app is a free application for iOS and Android devices that assists users in solving advanced mathematical equations involving arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and more.

Does ChiliMath Solver show steps?

Math Solver uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to instantly recognize the problem and deliver an accurate solution. That’s not all. It also provides a step-by-step explanation with additional learning materials such as worksheets and video tutorials

How do you use ChiliMath?

And type in the draw window you’ll be able to use your finger or a stylus to draw in a math equation. Once you’ve entered your math problem hit the blue arrow button that points to the right.

How do I install ChiliMath?

This service works online. Just create an account and use the math help for free

How do you solve math word problems?
A proven step-by-step method for solving word problems is actually quite simple.
  1. Read the problem out loud to yourself.
  2. Draw a Picture.
  3. Think “What do I need to find?”
  4. List what is given.
  5. Find the key words.
  6. Solve.
  7. Check your work.

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Feedback from users of the service

Chilimath provides relevant and complete examples with detailed step by step solutions (long, short, or animated ones) and explanations, which are really helpful for a clearer grasp and better understanding of math and its various lessons/topics. Thank God for Chilimath online–free and convenient. Thank you, Chilimath.

Thank you! Great free algebra lessons or tutorials. Very helpful to my studies.

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